Denprop is an innovative new venture founded on the success Vetprop, a successful and highly regarded veterinary property company. Vetprop has an established portfolio of veterinary properties throughout England, some of which have been held for over 20 years.

Premises range from small lock-up shops through residential conversions to purpose built Veterinary Hospital and Referral Centres. The company takes a long term view of its investments, enabling it to offer very competitive purchase prices while providing solid security for tenants/leaseholders.

Denprop is not a development company. It is happy to provide leases within the 1954 Landlord and Tenant Act thereby giving tenants full security of the option of lease renewal at the end of the term. Denprop works hard to build a sound and mutually beneficial landlord and tenant relationship by planning for the long term.

Denprop is looking to acquire dental surgeries throughout England and Wales. We are able to offer dentists and their landlords a number of property services so they may take advantage of the same flexibility and benefits enjoyed by their veterinary colleagues.


Using the experience gained in growing Vetprop to become probably the largest private veterinary landlord in the UK, Denprop can provide an accurate sale or rental valuation for your property. Our experience spans urban and rural property from north to south. If your property meets our investment criteria we will be very willing to make an offer to purchase.

Sale and leaseback

Denprop offers a flexible sale and leaseback service. We purchase the property, typically from the existing partners, and then lease it back to the business on a long and secure lease. This arrangement can be used for a number of purposes:

  • To secure the retirement of an exiting partner;
  • To restructure and allow junior partners to be appointed without the need to pay for a share of the property;
  • To release funds for further expansion of the veterinary business;
  • To resource other projects;
  • As a stepping stone to a future trade sale;

There is still much activity with the major corporates looking for good veterinary businesses. The corporates however do not purchase property and so any sale and leaseback arrangement will not affect any trade sale. This will simplify and strengthen the position for a sale.

The sale of any property can have potential tax benefits depending on the circumstances and proposed structure. Denprop has established many contacts among specialist professionals who could offer guidance if required.

Property and practices

As a specialist property investor Denprop is actively seeking to create a portfolio of dental premises. We are not involved in the running of dental practices and can help facilitate the transfer of practice ownership. We work with the UK’s leading corporates and private groups and can achieve the simultaneous trade sale of the business and the property sale to Denprop.

Property for sale

Denprop provides a bespoke platform for current owners to offer their surgery for sale – please see “Dental Surgeries For Sale” to see the current listings. This offers a better sale platform than local commercial agents as a dental surgery is a specialist investment. In the first instance please contact Denprop to discuss your surgery sale. There is no fee for this arrangement.

New build

Successful dental practices often outgrow their existing premises and sourcing and funding new surgeries can be notoriously difficult. Denprop and its professional advisers have several decades experience of finding sites, purchasing and working to produce a modern veterinary surgery or hospital. It works closely with planners, designers, engineers, project managers, builders, IT and equipment specialists to produce first rate premises. We are always willing to consider new build and major refurbishing developments on a sale and leaseback basis and in some cases make a contribution towards fit out.

Site finding

Denprop has excellent contacts in the property field that supply information on potential sites, some often before they come onto the market. These can be green field sites, redundant pubs, former Doctors' surgeries, small industrial units, existing D1 buildings, shops and houses with parking suitable for conversion. If you are seeking a site in one or more locations please contact us, in complete confidence, to discuss your requirements.


Due to the successful management of its veterinary portfolio, Denprop has gained huge knowledge and contacts in the property field including lawyers, surveyors, planning consultants, architects, designers, contractors and project managers. Our experience covers areas such as planning, rent reviews, dilapidations, lease holders improvements and all property matters. We will always be willing to discuss potential projects and issues with practices and commercial landlords and point them in the direction of our experts.